Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"In Love" ?

What most Christians seem to mean when they say that Christians should do things "in love" is the following, according to my personal experience at least:

Doing things "in love" means, to them,
  • to say everything in a candy coated way (no matter how insincere this candy coating is),
  • to never criticize anyone for anything but always claim that everyone has his and her own way and walk with Jesus (no matter how blasphemous such a statement is at close inspection),
  • to never ever judge anyone for anything (even if Scripture judges most clearly), and
  • to never disagree with anyone, either openly or privately (even if iron is supposed to sharpen iron), but rather
  • not to say anything if you disagree (despite the call to earnestly content for the faith), and probably
  • to pray for the poor person you think has it wrong (and usually saying "I pray for you" is the extent of the prayer already).
You know, if this was what doing things "in love" meant according to the Scriptures, Christ would have been among the most unloving persons that ever lived, closely followed by the likes of Isaiah and Jeremiah, as well as such "dubious characters" as John the Baptist, Paul, James or Peter. These weren't loved by their contemporaries, but they were doing things "in love" indeed.

Now think again, people, and read your bible (probably starting with the second table of the Ten Commandments and the case laws), and get your definitions straight.

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